HamBINGO Night for eco-Andersonville and ADC

Tonight is the night!  Come out and support eco-Andersonville and ADC at HamBINGO Night. You could win prizes from some of our great local businesses like the Coffee Studio, Painted Light Framing, Sifu Design Studio, Marguerite Gardens, Kopi Cafe, and more.  Don’t miss out, come to Hambuger Mary’s at 7pm tonight.

Urban Agriculture In Chicago

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Chicago urban farm.Now that Chicago residents can grow and sell food within the city, views like this might become a little more common.Photo: Piush Dahal Progressives don’t have much love for former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. He’s been blamed for weakening health-care reform, killing the climate bill’s chances, and generally pushing Obama to the center (and Oh, the profanity!)

But Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel? He seems to be giving progressives, particularly food progressives, a bit more to chew on. He’s committed to addressing the city’s many food deserts (although perhaps with too much help from Walmart). Chicago public schools continue to find creative ways to improve school food. And significantly, when Emmanuel came into office, he declared that he would end restrictions on urban agriculture, which the city zoning laws had in a legal gray zone. 

Earlier this month, thanks to Emmanuel’s backing, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance officially legalizing urban ag and allowing growers to sell what they produce. It’s the latest in a series of ag-friendly zoning changes taking place around the U.S. — in cities like San Francisco, Kansas City, and Seattle.

Erika Allen, head of the Chicago branch of her father Will Allen’s urban agriculture organization Growing Power, explained the importance of the new law to Crain’s Chicago Business magazine:

It legitimizes urban agriculture as an enterprise or a business that hasn’t been on the books before. Chicago always had farms within the city limits, but the new ordinance creates a space where we can begin to create economic opportunities within our communities, especially in areas where food deserts are a direct result of unemployment and little economic opportunity.

These policies are needed so we can legally operate urban farms and community gardens with parameters around where they can and can’t be located. I’ve been in a leadership role in the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council since 2001, and I can tell you that you don’t know there are barriers to urban farming unless you’re trying to operate a business where there’s a need in the community.

I love the argument extolling the benefits of pulling urban ag out from the gray market economy and increasing the tax base while creating jobs. And you get stuff to eat, too! Bonus!

Seriously, though, Grist has followed the odd opposition some town and city planners have against food growing. So it’s good to see America’s Second City embracing it.

One of the first business to take advantage of the new law was Chicago’s O’Hare airport [okay, not really — the garden is indoors]. Chicago’s Department of Aviation just announced [PDF via the Associated Press] the O’Hare Urban Garden, which is meant to highlight issues of sustainability and improve the quality of food at the airport. It’s an “aeroponic garden” that will supply several of the airport’s restaurants with fresh herbs and veggies and like Swiss chard, lettuce, peppers, and green beans.

Yes, gardens like this are mostly symbolic. But in this case, it’s a symbol that will be seen by millions of travelers. And that, combined with Chicago’s new official embrace of urban ag, might just convince more cities to follow suit.

If you missed your chance to recycle your electronic waste at Green Genes during Green Week, you will have a second chance coming up this weekend on August 6th at one of the City’s three collection sites.

If you missed your chance to recycle your electronic waste at Green Genes during Green Week, you will have a second chance coming up this weekend on August 6th at one of the City’s three collection sites.

Free Beer, Locally-Grown Foods & Fun! Closing Celebration for Green Week Tonight

Today at 6pm be sure to join eco-Aville at Alley Cat Comics as we bring Green Week to a close and help support a local film  being created here in Chicago.  The film, ” A Sustainable Reality: Redefining Roots” will highlight the incredible work being done at the “Plant”, a large scale project on the Southwest Side of the city that hopes to create a completely self sustaining urban farm. The filmmakers have launched a Kickstarter page in hopes of raising enough funds to produce the film, and eventually an ongoing web series that will highlight social and environmental projects throughout Chicago and the Midwest.  Tonight’s celebration will be for closing out Green Week, while fundraising for the launch of this film.  There will be free beer, wine and local food so bring your friends. To preview the project follow the link​jects/2047682198/a-sustainable​-reality-redefining-roots

Alley Cat Comics 5304 N. Clark St. (Literally in the alley)

Still Tickets Available for Metropolitan Brewery Tour!


Still a few open spots available for today’s Green Week Metropolitan Brewery tour.

Tour starts at 12pm.  Don’t worry its never too early for an expertly crafted, local brew!  

Follow this link to get your tickets

The Urban Worm Girl at Gethsemane Garden Center
Green Week Community Photo Contest Update

Submit your photos to or to our blog

Two prizes to give away for the top photo or photos from Green Week this year.

First Place: $45 Gift Certificate to Painted Light Framing and Photography Gallery

Second Place: $10 Gift Certificate to Transistor Chicago

Third Place: A Hug (getting a more substantial prize, but it is a pretty great hug)

Green Week Photo Contest


Bike for Real Fundraiser with Unity Lutheran Church

All week cut your carbon footprint and reduce hunger in the Andersonville-Edgewater neighborhood.  Ride in the Bike For Real Fundraiser in support of Edgewater’s Care For Real food pantry.  Sign-up to bike or pledge at  Then on Sunday July 17th ride your bike to 10:15am worship and join the Blessing for Bikers.  Enjoy locavore goodies and fair trade coffee at the 11:30am Coffee Hour, where you can receive a free bike check from Igor Kolom, mechanic and former veteran cyclist of the Silk Road, Uzbekistan. Also, learn more about the rules of the road and best routes for riding Chicago streets. Celebrate the winner of the week long Bike For Real fundraiser!

Unity Lutheran Church, 1212 W. Balmoral Ave.

E-Waste Recycling All Week At Green Genes

Green Genes is teaming up with Recycle Tech to collect E-Waste for recycling.  Stop by all week during Green Week and bring in your old cell phones, laptops, computer parts, DVD players, and digital cameras to be recycled and repurposed.

5111 N. Clark St.

Painted Light Framing and Photography: Multi-Media Recycling Drop Off

Drop off old VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, 35mm film negatives, inkjet cartridges, and cassette tapes for recycling all week at Painted Light Framing and Photography Gallery

1742 W. Balmoral Ave.

Foursided Frame Amnesty and Recycling Week

Participatnts can bring in any old frames that they may have laying around, and receive a $5.00 credit toward anything in the store.  Frames must be wood, no metal, and any frame that is deemed acceptable by Foursided employees will be recycled for use in the shop.  Any frames deemed unacceptable will gladly be donated to the Brown Elephant by Foursided.  Foursided believes that it is best to use an old frame, rather than use a tree for a new frame.  Because of this Foursided has a difficult time keeping them in stock.  People often just bring in boxes of old frames to donate but this time we are actually offering green in return.

5061 N. Clark St.

10% Off All Re-usable Wares At The Coffee Studio

Stop by the Coffee Studio for an expertly crafted cup of specialty coffee, and take advantage of 10% off all Re-usable Travel Mugs/Cold Cups, Diner Mugs and Decorative Ceramic ware all week during Andersonville Green Week.

5628 N. Clark St.

Andersonville Green Week Events for July 14th
Green Week Events: Wednesday July 13th


Compost Tea Party with the Compost Office and Green Genes - 5111 N. Clark St. 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Andersonville Farmers Market - Berwyn between Clark St. and Ashland 3:00pm – 8:00pm


Sustainable Seafood Cooking Demo With Big Jones and the Shedd Aquarium- Andersonville Farmers Market: North Clark St. and Berwyn – 5:00pm


Complimentary Injury Screening and Shoe Fitting from Runners Edge and Athletico - The Runner’s Edge, 5243 N. Clark St. 4:00pm – 6:30pm


ReCraft With Sifu Design: Make Your Own Recycled Felt Broach or Pin Cushion - Sifu Design Studio and Fine Yarns 5044 N. Clark St. 5:00pm – 9:00pm


Homemade Bread Showcase - Las Manos Gallery: 5220 N. Clark St.  6:30pm – 7:30pm

Koval Distillery Tour - Koval Distillery 5121 N. Ravenswood. 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Events Going on All Week

10% Off All Re-usable Wares At The Coffee Studio - The Coffee Studio 5628 N. Clark St. All day


Foursided Frame Amnesty and Recycling Week - Foursided Custom Framing, Cards, and Gifts 5061 N. Clark St. day


Bike for Real Fundraiser: From Unity Lutheran Church and Care for Real - Unity Lutheran Church, 1212 W. Balmoral Ave.


E-Waste Recycling All Week at Green Genes - Green Genes 5111 N. Clark St. 10:00am – 6:00pm


 Painted Light Framing and Photography: Multi-Media Recycling Drop Off - Painted Light Framing and Photography Gallery 1742 W. Balmoral Ave. – 7:00pm

Sustainable Seafood For a Better Planet

Stop by Kinfisher Seafood Restaurant and Bar 5721 N. Clark St. for a foray into what this Andersonville restaurant is doing to address the issues of sustainable seafood.

The owners of Kingfisher will be on hand throughout the afternoon and into the evening to discuss the complex issues relating to the environment, human health, and the consumption of seafood.

Green Week Events for Monday July 11th
Green Week Event Highlight: 13th Annual Bowmanville Community Garden Walk, Saturday July 9 11am -4:30pm

Explore some of the amazing gardens of Andersonville’s neighbor Bowmanville.  The Bowmanville Community Organization is putting on their 13th annual garden walk from 11am - 4:30 pm.  You will get a chance to see 18 incredible residential gardens along the tour, and 3 of Bowmanville’s community gardens. 

If a Tree Falls: A Story of The Earth Liberation Front” TONIGHT at 8pm Chicago Filmmakers 5243 N. Clark St.

If you have been following the recent news of a member of the E.L.F who was captured in here in Chicago this week, this is an opportunity to understand what led to this man’s arrest, what led him to make the decisions he did, and what the actions of organizations like the E.L.F. mean for environmentalism.

Please join us.

View the Chicago Tribune Article


Want to Be a Green Week Photographer?!

Of course you do! Well consider yourself hired!(Not literally) This year we are asking everyone who attends a Green Week event to take their own snapshots and send them in.  Whether you are an amateur photographer or you are Ansel Adams with a cell phone camera, we want your photos.  Your photo could win you a $10 gift certificate to Transistor and other yet to be named prizes.

Green Week Photo Contest